Arrested Suspect Claims He Was Taking Crack Cocaine to a Junkie in Murfreesboro

A 44-year old Murfreesboro man has been arrested on felony possession of a schedule 2 drug charges after police pulled him over on Huntington Drive for having a revoked driver’s license. Officer Gann had prior knowledge that the driver in question shouldn’t be driving, which is why he initially made the stop.

The Officer reported that upon making contact with Robert A. McAdoo, he seemed nervous. Officer Gann patted McAdoo down and felt something in his pocket. 44-Year old McAdoo claimed that he did not know what the officer was talking about. The report shows that McAdoo then shook his pants and a bag of a white rock type substance fell to the pavement. Officer Gann then found a small piece of crack cocaine in McAdoo’s sock. Both tested positive for cocaine.

Police then turned their attention to McAdoo’s Nissan Altima where they found a pair of nitrile gloves in the center console. According to the report, the gloves are “consistent with someone selling narcotics.” Officer Gann asked what McAdoo was doing with the crack cocaine, his response, “He was taking the crack to a junkie.”

McAdoo was charged with not only “Felony Possession of a Schedule II Drug,” but also with “Driving on a Revoked License” and “Failure to Appear.” He will be in court this March.


MPD Arrest Report #14-1528


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