Electric Department Scammer Getting More Brazen Calling Four Murfreesboro Businesses in 3-Days

Electric Department Scammer Getting More Brazen Calling Four Murfreesboro Businesses in 3-Days | BoneFish, Three Brothers, scam, hoax, Murfreesboro Electric, Middle Tennessee Electric, electric, electric scam, Green Dot, Green Dot scam

Earlier in the day on Wednesday, WGNS told you about another local business hit by the “Electric Scam.” In this story, we head to the Murfreesboro square where a restaurant was targeted. Unknown persons called Three Brothers and told them the meters were about to be replaced and that they owed $1,100 and it had to be paid within one hour. The Murfreesboro Electric Department customer didn’t fall for it and told the thief on the other end of the line that he would pay a visit to the electric department.

Upon the business owner meeting with officials at the electric department, he quickly learned his hunch was dead on.

Amy Byers, the spokesperson for Murfreesboro Electric, tells WGNS what the scammers are saying to some business owners…


The scam does not end there… A third customer called the M-P-D this week and told them he received a call suggesting his business owed Middle Tennessee Electric close to $2,000. Without hesitation the local resident bought a pre-paid card that he added $1,920 to. He then called the scammer back and told him the Green Dot card number. A little investigative work determined the culprit transferred the $1,920 to an American Express Gift Card.  

A fourth call to BoneFish Grill in Murfreesboro was a No-Go for the thief. In fact, the scammer evidently became frustrated at his conversation with BoneFish and hung up on one of two calls made to the fine dining establishment. So far, no one has been caught.


MPD Incident Report #13-24435

MPD Incident Report #13-24443

MPD Incident Report #13-24479

Previously Reported Story on Wednesday at Noon:


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