Electric Scam Hit Murfreesboro HARD This Past Week - What Now

Electric Scam Hit Murfreesboro HARD This Past Week - What Now | Murfreesboro Electric, Electric scam, BBB, Murfreesboro news, Murfreesboro scam, Murfreesboro Police, electricity, electric

Last week multiple businesses in Murfreesboro were hit with what has been dubbed as the “Electric Scam.” Businesses called the police after receiving phone calls from unknown persons claiming to be with Murfreesboro Electric demanding payment or else their electricity would be shut off. Amy Byers with Murfreesboro Electric told us how the thieves operate when they call local businesses asking for money...


Some businesses gave-in' last week and paid the scammers up to $1,920. Others coughed up $1,450. The victims paid the subjects after buying a pre-paid gift card and then telling the caller the account number on the card. The thieves would then transfer the money on that card to an American Express gift card.

Byers commented on what businesses were targeted...


So far no arrests have been made. To make matters worst, the scammers are likley out of state if not out of country. 

Keep in mind, the electric department will not threaten to shut your electricity down within one to two hours like some of the phone calls and past news stories have suggested. 


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