Fake checks deposited all for a phony photo shoot

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Camera shoot is NO GOOD - Similar to the broken Nikon above (Photo by Scott Walker)

A 27-year old woman told police she was contacted by a man who wanted to do a photo shoot for modeling with her. The female was later sent a cashier’s check for over $2,000. The money was to be used to cover the cost of a wardrobe and an airline ticket.

Soon after receiving the first check, a second check arrived that was to cover the cost of an outfit for her manager. She deposited that check as well and then headed to the World Wide Web to book a flight for the big shoot.

The victim tried to use her check card to book a flight, but it was declined. She called the bank and learned that the money she deposited, all $5,550 of it, was not there. The checks she signed over to the bank were fakes. Ascend Federal Credit Union told her she now owes the bank that money.

The subject whom she spoke to about the photo shoot has not received a penny, so it is unknown as to why he sent her fake checks. The case is under investigation.


MPD Incident Report #14-11698


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