History: The Maney Avenue Service Station in Murfreesboro

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How many times have you driven past the Maney Avenue Service Station in Murfreesboro? It sits at the intersection of Vine Street and Maney Avenue. It is one of those little gems that has quietly been a part of Rutherford County for over 57-years.

The service station was started by Leolie and Cornelia Weatherly, but it wasn’t always called the Maney Avenue Service Station, because it wasn’t always on Maney Avenue…


We asked Mrs. Weatherly what other businesses were near their service station in the late 50’s?


During the early years, she would bring her daughters to the service station every day after school.


Years went by and eventually Cornelia and Leolie decided to relocate to Maney Avenue. Once on Maney, their son Donnie and his sister Kay worked at the store. 


The Maney Avenue Service Station once sold gas at .25-cents per gallon, but when prices continued to climb and profits dropped, they decided to quit selling fuel and concentrate on repair work…


You may recall, the Maney Avenue Service Station had someone pump the gas for you. They would also check the air in your tires, check your wiper blades and even top off the oil.

Today they still do all of that, minus the gas. They also have two mechanics on sight who can repair just about anything.

As for Mr. Leolie… He passed away in 2012 at the age of 77, leaving behind his wife Cornelia (who still works at the store) and their three daughters and one son.

Before we left, Mrs. Weatherly told us about the earlier days and what got her husband interested in owning a service station…


Now you know, the story behind the Maney Avenue Service Station in Murfreesboro.


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