Is That A Street Lamp? No--It's A SUPER MOON!

Is That A Street Lamp? No--It's A SUPER MOON!

"Is that a big street light?" No--it's the SUPER MOON!

The super moon was clearly visible over Murfreesboro Saturday night. In fact, even city lights didn't dim its brilliance. 

It was so bright that a woman leaving the Embassy Suites Hotel looked up and said, "That's a big street light". 

The term super moon means this celestial body is the closest to the earth tonight. In fact, it was approximately 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than normal full moons and will be the brightest of 2012. So how close was the moon? Instead of its normal 252,000 miles, the moon was approximately 222,000 miles above Murfreesboro. 

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