Lascassas Man Allegedly Takes 4-Year Old Son to Illegal Drug Transaction

An alleged drug dealer has been arrested by Murfreesboro Police after he reportedly took his four year old son to an illegal drug transaction. The suspect is accused of leaving his son unattended in the car while he got into the vehicle of the person who was accused of buying drugs.

According to a police report dated December 2nd, Montorio Sanchez Swader met a potential drug buyer in the parking lot of Walmart on South Rutherford Boulevard. Police evidently caught Swader in the middle of the alleged drug sell. Officers seized cell phones, cash and a bag of marijuana. Police also seized the 27-year old’s Chevy Impala because it was said to be used to transport a felony amount of drugs to a drug transaction.

Swader, who lives in Lascassas, was charged with felony possession of a scheduled six drug and leaving a child unattended in a motor vehicle. The child is only 4-years of age.

The suspect accused of purchasing drugs from Swader was 55-year old Claude Earnest Newberry from Readyville. He was charged with the felony possession of a schedule six drug.

Both men will appear in court on January  8th.