LaVergne says for healthy teeth, "Drink our water"

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has just (Jan. 2013) awarded the La Vergne Water Treatment Plant a “Water Fluoridation Quality Award” for 2011. The award recognizes the water system for its consistent and professional adjustment of the water fluoride content to the optimum level for oral health for 12 consecutive months.

The Water Treatment Plant has been operated and maintained by Severn Trent Services through a public private partnership since 2007. It produces three million gallons of water each for the 33,000 residents of the city.

“In 2010, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved the purchase of chemical metering pumps so we have been able to more consistently distribute the dosage of fluoride for city residents,” said Thomas Champagne, chief operator. “In addition the distribution system has been regularly flushed which in turn regulates the level of fluoride.”

Mayor Senna Mosley commended the work of Severn Trent Services, “Good water quality is one of the most important services a municipal government can provide its citizens. I am grateful that we have a company like Severn Trent that provides outstanding service while also keeping an eye toward cost effectiveness.”

According to the CDC, the La Vergne Water Treatment plant uses a consistent, high-quality water fluoridation system which provides a safe and effective method to prevent tooth decay and improves the oral health of community residents.