More fake Moolah in the 'BORO

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Another counterfeit bill has been found in Murfreesboro. This is about the fourth time a counterfeit bill has been caught in the past 4-days. So far, fake $100’s, $20’s and $10’s are all the rage among those printing the cash.

A customer visited Middle Tennessee Electric to pay a bill and the cashier noticed the $100 bill used to pay was a fake. The cashier did not mention the fake Benjamin Franklin to the customer and instead recorded her information and then called the police. They later added the $100 back to the customer’s account after realizing it was phony dough. The customer will have to pay the money owed a later date.

The fake moolah was placed into evidence and authorities have the contact information for the suspect.

In a fifth situation reported the same day and directly down the street from Middle Tennessee Electric, a customer at Sam’s Club used a fake $20 and actually got away with it. The counterfeit scratch was not noticed until a manager collected money from a cashier. The fake money was also taken into evidence.


MPD Incident Report #14-7053, #14-6873, #14-6879, #14-7056

Number on bill: IF90991788D

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