Murfreesboro man originally convicted of robbery headed back to confinement

A Murfreesboro man who plead guilty to robbery before Judge David Bragg and received 163-days of confinement and 15-years of Community Corrections, will now have to go back to confinement after violating his Community Corrections sentence, according to the courts.

Shawn Christopher Sales allegedly lied about his address on East Castle Street and failed to pay Community Corrections and Supervision fees in 2013, which led to the courts sending him back to confinement. He also failed to provide a DNA sample and participate in a cognitive-behavioral program as ordered by the courts. According to court records this was not the first time that Sales violated his sentence. The courts revoked his Community Corrections Sentence and sent him back to confinement. Sales later filed an appeal seeking a new trial, but the case was denied.


No. M2013-01510-CCA-R3-CD - Filed February 28, 2014

Court records show:

The evidence shows that the Defendant failed to report to his Community Corrections officer, failed to inform his officer that he was not living at the address he had previously provided, failed to complete any of his community service, failed to participate in his MRT class and failed to provide a DNA sample. Thus, the trial court did not abuse its discretion when it ordered the Defendant’s Community Corrections sentence to be revoked. The Defendant is not entitled to relief on this issue.

-According to Judge Robert W. Wedemeyer

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