Rutherford County Sheriff says one local inmate has been booked up to 400 times!

Rutherford County Sheriff says one local inmate has been booked up to 400 times! | Willy Weesner,public intoxication,intoxication,Weesner,Rutherford County, Murfreesboro Police, Murfreesboro news

Most recent mugshot from Thursday of Weesner

We have a follow up to a story that we bought you on Wednesday about someone who has been in and out of the Rutherford County Jail more than anyone else in the state. Sheriff Robert Arnold told WGNS who that inmate is...


Sheriff Arnold told WGNS that Weesner has likely been booked up to 400 times.

On Thursday morning (5/22/14), Weesner was arrested again on a charge of public intoxication. He was picked up in front of Dodge's Store on NW Broad Street. An employee at the store called police and told them an intoxicated subject was sitting on the curb outside the market. As usual, Weesner was not causing any problems. Police took him to jail because he was deemed to be a danger to himself as he had nowhere to go to rest off the alcohol he had allegedly assumed. 

Past mugshots:

More on this story: 

News Channel 5’s Nick Beres did a report in 2012 that showed Weesner cost taxpayers about $50 per day. In 2012, Weesner had spent over 4,500 days in jail over the years. 4,500 days add up to over 12 years when you combine that total. That costs taxpayers about $250,000.

Weesner’s arrest record dates back to 1979. Today, he is 51-years old.

The local jail offers inmates Alcoholics Anonymous classes and meetings, but many inmates only take advantage of those sessions while jailed.


Rutherford County Sheriff Robert Arnold
News Channel 5 report from 2012

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