UPDATE: Beech Grove Woman Accused of Locking Mentally Challenged Sister in Storage Shed

More on that alleged abuse case in Beech Grove from over a year ago...

A trial date of Feb 19 has been set in Coffee County Circuit Court for Beech Grove resident Tracy Carmon-Thacker. You may recall the story involving her last year… The 46-year old is accused locking her 60-year old mentally challenged sister in a shed adjacent to her residence. According to the warrants filed in December of 2011, the victim had no access to running water, electricity or food. There was a toilet in the shed that mounted to the floor, but had no running water in it, it was full of waste. There was a heater that was plugged into an extension cord, but that was her only source of heat. Thacker was charged with willful abuse, neglect or exploitation of adults and two counts of aggravated kidnapping.

During the preliminary hearing investigator Danny Ferrell testified that while conducting a criminal history on Thacker he found that she has 7 aliases and 4 social security numbers. Winchester attorney Floyd Don Davis represents Carmon Thacker. Jeff Ridner will be prosecuting the case.