What's a "Cash Mob"?

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Christmas is a time for bringing families and friends together. It is a time for helping others, but all of this should be held together by the "Reason for the Season".

Help A Cash Mob Descent On "Mom and Pop"

Awhile back, a small town with many family businesses, started to see those "mom and pop operations" fade as corporate giants moved in. It wasn't Christmas when this began, but then the "Reason for the Season" should be 365 days a year. The mayor of the village was amused with "flash mobs", and he decided a "cash mob" decending on a family business would be a positive. 

He picked a small store that sold lots of low priced items and made just enough money to keep it open day to day. When word had gotten around town people were lined up 2 hours before his opening, well over 100 people coming to spend $10-$20 in the store. The only rule was to buy things at full price so the store owner, who loses money when things are on sale, would make the most money.

Select A Local Business To Help? 

Some Murfreesboro residents are attempting to encourage friends to create a "cash mob" at local "mom and pop" businesses in the 'Boro.  

Think of the family run clothing store, restaurant, jewelry store, auto sales-repair, grocery and even movie theatre. Yes, our community has locally these locally owned businesses that face stiff competition each day from corporate giants. 

Post your comments on our website and share them with the community. 

As we say on the radio, "It's the local businesses that give our community its flavor."  Now we need to work together and create new ways to preserve this feeling that makes Murfreesboro and all of Rutherford County special. 

This is part of why this is truly the Heart of Tennessee. Take pictures of your cash mob, and send them to WGNS so that we can share your story with others. 

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